Mini Review: Sick Bay by Nova Weetman


Sick Bay
Author: Nova Weetman
Release Date: 1 May, 2019
RRP: $16.95 (PB)
Publisher: UQP

Synopsis: Sick Bay is a contemporary middle-grade novel about two twelve-year-old girls who meet in their school sick bay. Riley is a type 1 diabetic in the popular girl group in. Meg is a loner grieving the death of her father and dealing with the trauma experienced by her mother. Sick Bay becomes a neutral zone for the pair and it’s here they strike up a friendship.

Review: Sick Bay is a must-read for young girls. It puts into words some of the trickier feelings of growing up. It talks about the differences that feel alienating at eleven, the spaces we reorient ourselves, and the people we find who embrace these differences. It deals with the emotional transitioning period between primary and high school. And while the book covers serious content it handles them with sensitivity.

Recommended Age: Ages 10+

Favourite Quote: ‘Actually that’s what drives me mad about all these conversations. Apparently, if a boy likes me I’m supposed to be flattered and therefore sort of interested in him. It doesn’t seem to matter what I think of him.’

Highlights: Both Riley and Meg’s graduation speeches. (Have tissues ready.)

Themes: Female friendship, self-esteem, health, bullying, growing up, trauma, grief, socio-economic differences, death of a family member, living in poverty.

Rating: ★★★★

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